• Treatment For Pain & Musculoskeletal Conditions that Limit You from Living the Active Lifestyle you Need.

    • Foot and ankle; plantar fasciitis, heel & arch pain, chronic sprains/strains

    • Spine pain, disc issues, sciatica, brachial neuritis, displaced ribs, joint dysfunction

    • Whole Body: Shoulder, hip and knee tendonitis' and pain

Visit Types:

Free Phone Consultation (20 min)-Wanna slow things down a abit ;) Can we help you get back to your activity?  Are we a good fit for each other?  We are happy to listen to what is concerning you and help you make decisions about your health.

Free Discovery Visit (20 min)-Let’s face it physical therapy is a big time and money commitment.  Carving out an hour plus of your already busy week for who knows how many weeks isn’t a decision you should make hastily.  We have designed these discovery visits so you can make a better and well informed decision about your health and goals.  We know that people have been burned by other providers who didn’t provide the results they were looking for while wasting their precious time and money.  The Discovery Visit is a way for both of us to make sure we won’t be wasting your time.  During the Discovery Visit we will talk about your goals and concerns, and take a brief look at what is holding you back.  The visit will only take 20 min of your time and we will give you one thing you can start working on right away.  No commitment is necessary and if we feel like there is someone else who can serve you better to help you reach your goals we will let you know.  This visit is about helping YOU make the best decision about YOUR health.

Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment (60 Minutes)-This is designed to learn all about you, your goals, and what is keeping you from getting there.  We will perform a thorough evaluation and movement assessment, relate how your injuries are keeping you from what you love to do, and create the plan on what to do about it.  After we discuss the plan we will give you one on one hands on treatment, go over a few (1-3) exercises to help, and talk about any questions you may have.  You will leave knowing there is a plan tailored to your needs and goals and know the path to getting there.

Tune Up/Movement Screen (30 Min)-The tune up is for those looking for a solution to a simple problem.  This is perfect for patients that get minor injuries because of how active they are and hope to remain working towards their goals. We will do a movement assessment,  figure out where your movement limitations are holding you back, treat any mobility or stability issues, and get you back to being active.


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